We have two visions representing our two focuses 

To be the enabler for clubs that want to improve player performance through the use of innovative technology.

To help change how the game is coached in New Zealand and to develop players who are confident, skillful, game aware and retain their love of the game over their entire lifetime.

What are we about?

At one time performance analysis was only the domain of professional clubs. Now with companies such as Sports Performance Tracking and Performasports this technology is within reach of everybody.

COACHTechnology wants to bring GPS player tracking and video performance analysis within reach of your club. We want your coaching staff to be able to access the tools that will allow them to take their players to the next level.

Our other focus is to bring change to the way the game is coached and managed in New Zealand. It's time for those with vision, dedication & the willingness to swim against the tide to come to the fore and advance the game here in New Zealand.